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Love of the Highest Order

And the world needs you now, more than ever.

Do you know how precious you are? Do you know that there is something within you that is sacred, creative, and brilliant? There is a unique wisdom, a powerful singular medicine hidden within you that is only yours to bring to the world. And the world needs you now, more than ever. But maybe, like many people, perhaps you have hidden away your light while living a life that is just okay.

In my years of ministry and coaching people in various stages of life transitions, I have seen this pattern over and over again: The old life with all of its constraints falls apart, allowing something deeper and more powerful to finally emerge. This is not catastrophe. This is grace. This is Love of the Highest Order.

Unity Centre of Winnipeg is a community of love and support, teaching spiritual principles that help us all to awaken to our Inner Wisdom, the God-Light within us. We walk together through whatever is happening in our lives and in our world, all the while, bringing our Highest Love, our Divine Nature to whatever we do. Our calling as a community is to support the inner shifting that needs to happen for deep transformation and we strive to see past the circumstances of life to know that there is a Higher Truth unfolding always.

"My intention is that we become so aware of our spiritual nature and capacities that we walk through unwanted circumstances in the same way we walk through wanted circumstances, shining the light all the while. Our Divine Identity can be our first resource rather than our last resort." ~ Linda Martella-Whitsett, Divine Audacity

If you have come to this blog in a moment of searching, spiritual clarity, or “accidental” synchronicity, your soul is calling to you. It takes a maverick’s heart to sweep away the rubble of a mundane life to find the hidden treasure of your Inner Wisdom’s call. The maverick in me recognizes and welcomes the maverick in you.

I want to help you find your way to your innate gold. Are you up for the greatest inner adventure of your life? Are you ready to bring the Medicine that you ARE to the world?

I honour the Divine Light within you. I can’t wait to see you shine!

Rev Tammy St Amand


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