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Living Green December 2014

December 2014

Welcome back! I'm happy you are interested in advice and information on how to keep important items out of our city and country landfills. Following suggestions in this column, makes for a healthier and better future for all of us.  

Do you think twice about what happens to your old phone when you replace or upgrade it? Are you SO thrilled with the new "toy" that you bolt out of the store, mentally throwing the up-to-now lifeline in the garbage bin? 

Did you know that the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Assoc. recycles used cellphones? For more information, please see www.recyclemycell.ca There is a host of information on the site, including links to ascertain drop-off points and exactly how to erase the important data contained in the phone. I don't know about you, but I have NO idea how to go about that, and very trustingly leave that to the recycling companies.  Most importantly, is that your old SIM card should be removed before giving it up to be recycled. Some facts and figures: in 2013 over 1,067,266 devices were recovered, safely diverting them from the landfill. I would strongly suggest that should you be in the city to collect your new phone, to please give the old one up at a recyle station before you head home. Also remember the cables, ear phones/buds and plugins, too. 

A not-for-profit company called Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Manitoba has been in operation since 2012; and have been responsible for re-diverting over 100,000 metric tonnes of electronic equipment from landfills across Canada each year. They recycle computers and lap tops, flat screen TV's, cameras, old tape decks and speakers, even microwaves, to name a few. EPRA will take care of your items AND the delicate information you have probably left to someone else to clean up for you. No offence, I'm just as much to blame! They suggest you have a look at their website before you make a delivery, as you are bound to have a few more items at home that could be dropped off at the same time! The list is long and informative. 

Collection sites range from return-to-retail outlets such as Staples, Best Buy and Future Shop which typically have limited storage capacity, to recycling businesses such as Urbanmine and Industrial Metals - and in some rural areas - landfill sites. We talk about ID theft, and this is one reason that the recycling sites have to have such high security with a lockable area, manned during operating hours. This is also important to ensure the health and safety of workers and employees. Have a look at the link below to see just what they can and will recycle for you. At no charge, too. Important to note is the removal of harmful chemicals that are bad for humans AND the evnironment. Done while adhering to the safety guidelines at the secure plant in Elie ensures that everything gets re-used or destroyed in the correct manner, thus making our world a safer planet for all concerned. And remember, it's not trash........it's recyclable!

Thanks for your attention and interest, until next time.......Blessings Cheron Long-Landes, December 2014. (C) 



Much of the material attributed to Pat St Germain of Winnipeg Free Press and the website www.recyclemyelectronics.ca/mb with thanks.