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Living Ahimsa World Peace Ceremony

On Sunday, September 21st; Karen Kowbel spoke on an experience she'd had during the summer of 2014. She'd taken part in a ceremony at The Forks, Winnipeg where a mandala was created during the Living Ahimsa Peace Tour. The Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala pays homage to Mother Earth for her bountiful gift of food, water, air and evokes our spirit of gratitude for all we have and all we take. By invoking the power of the Mother, we are able to empower our individual seed memory of wellness and awareness to nourish, nuture and heal ourselves, each other, and the earth. Peace must start within! Around the world community members are creating the Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala from local grains, seeds and beans that are blessed with mantras, prayers and positive intention.  

Karen decided to duplicate the ceremony for us, taking into account the fact that this particular Sunday also happened to be at the end of Peace Days in Winnipeg. It was perfect!  

The Mandala is created by placing and arranging different coloured seeds and grains on a piece of cloth. The seeds and grains are blessed, and represent our intent to create peace and harmony within. The intent is created through a Vow of Ahimsa. 

"I take the vow of Ahimsa

I make inner harmony my priority

I take the vow of Ahimsa

In my thoughts, speech and action."


After the service, the seeds were taken down to the river bank at Dominion and Wolsley to be planted. It was a beautiful spot to close the ceremony, which Marilynn Velpel enriched for us with her beautiful music on the flute. There were six of us present at the planting ceremony. The lush green of the river bank, the fast-flowing water and the quiet of the space made it the perfect closure for the ceremony. A few photographs demonstrate the beautifully moving event. Many thanks to Karen, Marilynn, Deborah Judith and Cheron who were part of the ceremony at the Centre and to all those who participated both there and on the riverbank. For more information, please see www.ahimsalife.com  

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Sunday, September 21, 2014 - 11:00am
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