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Our Spiritual Director

Meet Reverend Tammy

Rev Tammy St Amand was ordained in 2018 as a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) and has served as a minister for over 8 years in 2 communities which she founded with her spouse, also a CSL ordained minister.  Rev Tammy has been drawn to Unity’s expression of New Thought principles for many years and, as such, she is now delighted to be a bridge for New Thought teachings in Winnipeg. 


Rev Tammy is deeply devoted to imparting spiritual Truths that transform lives and awaken each to their inherent Divinity.  Rev Tammy captivates audiences with story, humor, poetic grace, and personal presence.  She supports the highest expression of each person, nurturing the awakening of Divine Light in all.  

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Rev Tammy is a champion for diversity and inclusion, as she values, celebrates, and actively invites the Divine rainbow of diversity in background, culture, generation, orientation, and expression into our community.   Rev Tammy’s compassionate heart and loving presence, create a safe and sacred space that meets people where they are at, while knowing the Truth that all people are Spirit in form and are beautiful beyond measure.  

Rev Tammy loves to sing, to harmonize with others, and finds great joy in music that supports the uplifting principles of Unity. 

Rev Tammy’s message to you:

“You are precious and holy.  You are not alone.  You are the unfolding brilliance of Divine Light, and your soul is welcome here.”

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Our Board of Trustees


Lynne Belding - Vice Chair

Linda Cassell

Ray Garnett

Gail Kolach - Secretary

Mathieu McPinda - Treasurer

Craig Oliphant 

Rev. Tammy St. Amand - Chair

Our Administrator - Sandy Carriere, Licensed Unity Teacher

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